Tracesure Cu/I at drying off boosts dairy cow health

Animax - 2012-12-03

Heifers that were underweight a month before bulling achieved the required target weights after they were bolused with Tracesure Cu/I.

James Walsh’s heifers graze kale during the winter and they were 30kg underweight before he bolused them at 14 months. “Tracesure Cu/I brought them up to an accurate target weight when we started AI at 15 months,’’ says James, who runs a spring calving herd in County Tipperary. “They were cycling and we had great submission rates in the first two weeks of AI.’’ 

James started using Tracesure Cu/I two years ago after discovering that the farm was seriously deficient in selenium. “When the blood test results came back from the lab the question that was asked was how many animals had been lost. Luckily we hadn’t lost any but the deficiency was that severe,’’ he recalls.

“We went in with the bolus. The real improvement was noticeable after the following spring when there were very few retained afterbirths. We have been using Tracesure Cu/I ever since.

“Cow and heifer condition was excellent when they returned from the kale which meant that at calving time their condition was good and right through to mating time condition has remained excellent.’’

James boluses at drying off in December and the heifers are bolused again in March before AI. “Once you give the bolus you know you don’t have to worry about it again for six months,’’ he says.

The effects of Tracesure Cu/I have been apparent in his calves too. “The calves are being born at a stronger weight and they are healthier, they stand up fairly soon after being born. The cows are also very fit and stand up very easily after calving.’’

Photos for this release:

James Walsh boluses the entire herd with Tracesure Cu/I at drying off.