Animax pioneers innovative cow calcium supplement

Animax - 2014-05-20

A leading UK animal health company has developed an ingenious new system for delivering calcium to cows pre-calving with a product that contains 40% more calcium than most bolus-type supplements.

Easycal is the culmination of two years of comprehensive research and farm trials by Suffolk-based Animax Ltd.

Calcium is contained in a small, egg-shaped pump and is delivered to cows orally through an attached hook applicator.

The product, designed to reduce the risk of milk fever in calving cows, is small enough to fit in a pocket, a significant point of difference compared to calcium boluses which must be administered with an applicator gun.

Another factor which sets Easycal apart from eroding boluses is the level of calcium it contains, says vet Les Porter, managing director of Animax Ltd. “The product is a liquid solution containing 60g of calcium. At this level, the calcium is 40% greater than you would find in most calcium boluses,’’ he explains.

Animax Ltd saw a need for a new dimension in calcium supplementation. “There is a growing demand for calcium products but these can be bulky because calcium is a macro element and a high dose is therefore needed,’’ says Mr Porter.

Using technology exclusive to Animax, Easycal can pack 60g of calcium into a pocketsize container. Once administered, the calcium solution is effective for between 12-15 hours.

Easycal is used to balance the sudden drop in blood calcium levels at or around calving. Supplementation products for countering milk fever need to be large to contain enough calcium, but they must be sufficiently small to administer to the cow. In bolus form, this limits the level of calcium that can be given to the cow.

“Easycal is the answer because it is a liquid solution containing 60g of calcium, which is 40% more than most calcium boluses,’’ says Mr Porter.

Easycal has gone down well with trial farmers. “The consistent message we have had from our test market is that Easycal is very effective, it does what it says it will, and it is easy to use. It is also convenient because it can be carried around in a pocket,’’ says Mr Porter.

Easycal will officially be launched at Livestock 2014 in July.

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