Tracesure Cu/I-bolused cow wins Holstein award at Agriscot 2015

Animax - 2015-11-23

A Scottish dairy farmer who secured a top award at Agriscot 2015 says trace elements are key to helping his cows stand out in the showring.

Andrew Wilson, of Carskerdo Farm, near Cupar, Fife, was a runner up in the junior Holstein cow class.

Mr Wilson is an advocate of slow release trace element supplementation and

boluses his high yielding herd with Tracesure Cu/I at drying off and at 100 days in milk. He believes this is a reason why his animals stand out in the show ring.  “With a show cow you would expect to get the summer shows out of her and with others you would maybe get two shows and yield would start to fall. But I have seen my show cows hold their milk up all season and look fresh with a shine on them.’’

Mr Wilson and his wife, Pat, are well known on the show circuit. Andrew has been exhibiting since he was 12 years old and in recent years has won top awards not only at Agriscot but at Dairy Expo in Carlisle and on four occasions at the Royal Highland Show, twice winning the interbreed championship.

He has been using Tracesure Cu/I for three years. Another top dairy farmer who uses the bolus – Robert Hunter, of Tarbrax, Shotts, was also a prize winner at Agriscot. Mr Hunter was a runner up in the senior and junior Jersey classes.

Tracesure Cu/I is manufactured by Animax Ltd, a main sponsor in the dairy classes at Agriscot.

The company also hosted a visit to Agriscot by a group of 20 Swedish dairy farmers.

One of those farmers, Mats Karlsson, who runs a herd of 300 Holstein Friesians near Boden, was impressed by the standard of livestock on show.

“These are great cows, it would not be easy to be a judge here,’’ he admitted.

Mr Karlsson currently has a robot milking system but is contemplating reverting to manual production because he prefers a more hands-on approach to running his herd.

Another member of the group, Jakob Jurriaanse, picked up ideas at Agriscot to help him make cost savings. “To stay in business we have to reduce our costs; 30% of this we can do ourselves by improving the management of our herds,’’ he believed.

Photos for this release:

Next generation: Andrew and Pat Wilson’s son, Andrew, and nephew, Logan, are pictured preparing second calver, Finigan Stanley Lena, for the Agriscot showring.