Delivering on two fronts

Debbie James Media is a public relations business that delivers on two fronts. Our agency is small enough to give clients that all important personal touch that larger agencies often lack, but we have the experience and creative flair to match any city-based public relations agency.


Contacts in the media industry are essential to the success of any PR campaign and that's where our approach scores. We know what makes news editors sit up and take notice and that's why we achieve plenty of column inches on behalf of our PR clients.


Debbie James Media offers a high level of support to companies in Wales that want to maintain, improve and promote their brand awareness and profile through PR. We specialise in helping clients in Wales and beyond to promote themselves to their target audience effectively and when they need it most. Our agency offers a unique and high quality approach at a price companies can afford, be it a small term project or on an ongoing basis.

Debbie James Media is a member of the Public Relations Consultants Association

Debbie James has the knack of very swiftly tracking down and visiting users of our products who are prepared to talk about them. The customers she identifies are opinion leaders in their branch of farming, in that they are well-known and respected. The testimonial material which Debbie has prepared for us has proved highly effective in bringing our products to the awareness of greater numbers of worthwhile customers. The quality of her promotional material, whether for publication or company literature, is excellent.

W. L. Porter, managing director, Animax